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3D Scanner Upgrades

For those that are unaware, we have a 3D Scanner based on the Microsoft Kinect.┬áThe 3D scanner computer is also host to our AutoDesk Fusion 360 CAD software. It’s been fun to watch the system come to fruition, scan faces and torsos, and entertain people. Recently we’ve had a couple generous donations that greatly expanded its capabilities.

Thank you to Ben Sima, who donated a high-end graphics card to help speed up the processing, as well as increase the resolution of the system.

In addition, Occipital donated a full version of its Skanect software, the backbone of the 3D scanner. Prior to the generous software donation, output resolution of the scanner was limited due to using a demo version of Skanect. Now we have the ability to output full resolution scans, which leads to high quality 3D models. Further down the line, 3D prints and CNC routed objects of the scans will have a better resolution and finish.

We are humbled by the amazing donations of our sponsors, members and volunteers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to offer these great opportunities to the community. Thank you.

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