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About Us



  • Francisca Banahene
  • Mike Doolin
  • Jill Freeman
  • Jason Peppers
  • Patricia Rapp
  • Karin Staples
  • Robert Storms



  • Chairperson of the Board: Patricia Rapp
  • Vice Chairperson of the Board: Karin Staples
  • President: Jason Peppers
  • Vice President of Operations: Francisca Banahene
  • Secretary: Jason Peppers
  • Treasurer: Robert Storms

The Rochester Makerspace is a New York State 501c3 Not-for-Profit Corporation. You can view our governing legal documents here.

The organization was founded by Rob Roll in early 2013. It is located at 850 St. Paul Street, Rochester NY, 14605 in a 3800 square foot facility.

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