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What is a Makerspace?

Everyone is a maker! This Infographic illustrates the wide spread of making across the globe.


Rochester National Week of Making Dinner

Join the Rochester Mini Maker Faire & the Rochester Makerspace for dinner as we kick off the National Week of Making in Rochester. Maker movement leaders, economic development leaders, and government representatives from all over the area will be in attendance. Don’t miss your chance to be involved in the exciting collaborations that will result from this meeting of creative and motivated movers and shakers. The dinner is for all makers from around the Rochester region.


Rochester National Week of Making Dinner Ticket

Wall Art For A Purpose

As part of our Week of Making at the Rochester Makerspace, we’re giving people an opportunity to give back to the community. Join us in creating artwork, or bring us any finished paintings, pictures, and other wall-hangings that you or others have created. We will donate all of them to the residents of our local YWCA. Refreshments will be provided at this event.

All are welcome to join!

Location: 850 St. Paul Street
Date: June 21st, 2017
Time: 6pm-8pm

Hand Tool Box Construction Class

Last month, Bill Rietz, a professional woodworker with over 30 years of woodworking experience, taught a Hand Tool Box construction class at the Rochester Makerspace. Participants of the class successfully designed their own Hand Tool Box, and learned about the tools and equipment needed to construct their piece.

The series consists of 3 classes, which include designing, planning, and constructing a Hand Tool Box. The requirement to take this class is that you are a member of the Rochester Makerspace.

Thank you, Bill, for hosting a fun and rewarding class!

Well done, Makers!


Combo Lathe and Mill V1 Training Video

For those who use machine tools, you might have noticed a new machine lathe/mill in the machine shop. Are you trained in the machine shop but don’t know how to use this piece of equipment? Yev explains how to use the new Machine Lathe/Mill in an informative youtube video. Click link below!

Combo Lathe and Mill V1


St. Lawrence School Field Trip – Exploring the use of engraving and cutting!

On 11/16, the Rochester Makerspace hosted a field trip for a 2nd grade class from the St. Lawrence School. The students rotated between three workstations and made laser engraved cards with the laser cutter, greeting cards with the silhouette machine and license plates with the CNC Router.
The kids showed a lot of enthusiasm when bringing their ideas to life during their visit. We hope that these kids continue their interest in making and come back to explore more of the cool machines at the Rochester Makerspace!
If you are interested in setting up a field trip for your students at the Rochester Makerspace, feel free to us at [email protected] for more details.


Wood Storage Cart – Boy Scout Troup 122

If you are a member or a visitor of the Rochester Makerspace, you may have noticed a growing collection of loose wood pieces cluttering the corner of the woodshop.

Jonathan Homer of the Boy Scouts, Troop 122, offered to help solve this problem, by working with the Rochester Makerspace to build a wood storage cart for its woodshop.

Jonathan directed a small team of 3-5 people per meeting to complete the project in 4 months. There were 3 phases in this project, presenting the proposal to the Board of Directors, the plan to complete the project and a report given to the Eagle Scouts.

Jonathan and his team focused on sturdiness and craftsmanship when assembling the cart, and even added a safety feature to prevent heavy boards of wood from tipping over the side of the cart. It is estimated that the storage cart can hold up to 2000 pounds!

He says that this project has helped him learn how to lead better, and develop his time management skills.

Jonathan presented the cart on October 3rd to the Board, and is soon to give the final report to the Eagle Scouts.

A big THANKS goes out to Jonathan and his team for building a wood storage cart for the Rochester Makerspace!


Cart in Progress








Makerspace Rube Goldberg

PRISM (Powered Rube Goldberg Incredible Smoothie Machine) was a project of elementary and middle school kids at the Rochester Makerspace. Created by kids, with limited help and guidance from adults, over the course of a few Saturdays, PRISM was an opportunity to learn and use all that our makerspace has to offer.

Youtube Link:

Second Pottery presentation

The presentation demonstrated how to roll out clay, and many tools used to create designs and textures. It drew quite a crowd!!

5/5 jewelry saw class

The class taught the basics of using a jewelry saw to cut shapes and patterns out of metal sheets.

Our students were hard at work!

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