First day of Mosaics Class

1st day Intro Mosaics 3/5/16

1st day Intro Mosaics 3/5/16

Great class!

Valentine Pysanky egg class!

imageIt was awesome! Check out what our creative students made, and don’t  forget to sign up for the next one!!!



Arduino Classes Coming in February


Join us for a series of three beginner Arduino classes! Participants in this series of three classes will leave with an Arduino Uno starter kit, knowledge of basic electronic principles & components, and a simple, working circuit of their own design. All classes will be held on Saturdays at 1:00-4:00 pm. Please sign up for each session separately.

Sign up for Part 1, held on Saturday, February 13. In this class, you’ll learn some basic electronics, have an introduction to Arduino, do some hands on with breadboarding circuits using each kit component individually, start thinking about your circuit design, and obtain your Arduino Starter Kit.

Sign up for Part 2, held on Saturday, February 20.  We’ll do a brief recap and then students will build a circuit that uses combinations of components. You’ll also present personal circuit ideas and and get feedback for your idea while providing other students with input on their ideas.

Sign up for Part 3, held on Saturday, February 27. We’ll again do a recap, then you’ll work on your personal circuits with the help of the instructor. We’ll wrap up by providing future learning material resources and contact info.

Your instructor for this series of classes is Mike Thomas, an RIT grad and Electrical Engineer who is currently working as a hardware design engineer for Bosch Security Systems.

Copper Etching Class, 1/23

  1. Lots of creativity going on! Students learned about the computer programs involved in creating designs, and did some etching!


Genesee-n-Ontario Model N-Gineers Meetup


1/19/16 Meetup at Rochester Makerspace!

Laser Cutter and Engraver class


Latest donation to the wood shop!

A Grizzly 6″ by 9″ belt sander has just been donated to the Makerspace! This will allow wood workers to create a lot more projects!  Some helpful makers who stopped by during our open house got it put together and set up in no time flat! Special thanks to them.


Our "new"  belt sander

Our “new” belt sander

Panavise – Holiday gift to the Makerspace!

Our own Ron Boucher has donated a Panavise to the Rochester Makerspace! It is a very well made vise designed for holding circuit boards and other delicate electronic items together while they are being assembled, repaired, etc.


12/5 Adult Egg ornament Class!

On Saturday, December 5, grown-ups had a chance to get in on the holiday fun with a class on art egg ornament making!


A very elegant and festive expression of creativity for the holiday season!

Third Friday Art Craft and Maker Show on Friday 12/18

Lots of artists and guests showed up for a great evening of music, treats  and beautifully artistic creations of all kinds!



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