Bridgeport Mill added to our Machine Shop!

We have received a very exciting donation to our machine shop! The Bridgeport milling machine is a very significant piece of machinery in the world of manufacturing. This is because of its versatility. It can, and has, for decades performed a variety of tasks with amazing precision!

The Bridgeport, or simply, “Mill” as it is often referred, has a digital reader to aid in precise work. It can cut metal, including steel as well as plastic and wood with extreme accuracy. The Mill can be used to create brackets to mount such things as tools, fishing rods, and racks, and is often used in the manufacture of automobiles.

Eastman Kodak has used Bridgeport Mills to build cameras. Stay tuned for more news on the newest addition to our machine shop!


2 comments to Bridgeport Mill added to our Machine Shop!

  • Phil Schepp
    March 30, 2016 at 3:16 pm | Reply

    The Thickness Planer and Bridgeport milling Machine and accessories will allow our members to “machine” pieces of (allowed) material to very close tolerances.
    I haven’t yet gotten to see our town’s Maker space, but will soon for sure. After all I just pledged 250 bucks to the cause.

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