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BuildMore Workshop

BuildMore Workshop thinks of itself like a fitness club. Members of the community can come in, utilize the thousands of dollars of equipment the club owns and socialize with others who share their interest. Except instead of treadmills and free weights BuildMore Workshop has professional grade tools.

The club, located in suburban Columbus, Ohio, has a mix of metal and woodworking machines along with plenty of power outlets and pneumatic hookups. It strives to be part-workshop, part-classroom, with a front lab filled with computer stations, reference materials and electronics. The space gives members a place to learn more about how to use the equipment, study new projects, brainstorm with the others using the area and just take a break and relax.

The focus of BuildMore Workshop is on woodworking and metalworking projects, so while there is a range of mills, saws and drill presses, there isn’t really anything for people looking to embroider or sew. But though the focus is tighter than some other do-it-all makerspaces, the arsenal of tools is not. It has machines of all sizes made to fit any project, and even two different CNC mills, one smaller and the other a larger vertical one.

BuildMore Workshop makes projects easy for its members, keeping a variety of the materials they need. Members don’t have to work about lugging in things like lumber, nuts and bolts or hardware products, as these are all provided. The workshop even keeps scrap parts for members to tinker around with, and if members can’t find what they need BuildMore Workshop will order the part from its exclusive industrial supplier.

The workshop is a bit different from other makerspaces in that it offers members expert help. Professional designers are available to help members learn about some of the more technical aspects, creating 3D computer models or working prototypes for their ideas. BuildMore Workshop also has its own robotics lab, a place where members can see a real industrial control system at work. The workshop encourages members to bring their children along to see how the robots work and get interested in engineering.

BuildMore Workshop aims to be more than a resource for its members. The club offers classes on workshop safety and opens its doors to events like Boy Scout meetings, craft fairs and robotics clubs. People interested in becoming members can look over pictures of projects other members have created on the BuildMore Workshop website. There they can also follow links to online resources, videos and blueprints to give them new project ideas.

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