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Why should I support the Rochester Makerspace?

  • We’re an educational organization – we teach people how to use tools and to make things because they learn useful skills, problem solving, perseverance and to plan ahead. We also encourage interest in the skilled trades, engineering, science, technology and the arts.
  • We improve the quality of life in Rochester – many people enjoy spending their leisure time making, fixing or creating things, and being around others who share their interests. We help make that possible by providing low cost access to tools and workspace that the entire community can use. We also provide free programs and services to the community.
  • We want to help new businesses get started – we hope to encourage entrepreneurship by creating a large community of smart, creative and experienced people with many different skills, and giving them access to workspace and sophisticated tools.
  • We’re nonprofit and run by volunteers – we keep our costs low and carefully use our member’s dues and the donations we receive.

How can I help?

  • Joinbecome a member
  • Donate – money, tools and equipment
  • Volunteer – what we’re trying to do is big, ambitious and complicated. We need lots of help and you don’t have to be a member to volunteer.
  • Teach – we need instructors to teach classes and mentors willing to spend time in the Makerspace and help those who need it
  • Lead – we need volunteers willing to start and lead group projects that our members and visitors can work on. They can be anything (art, robotics, flight simulator, etc.) but we would like to create some projects that will use our manpower, tools and skills to benefit the community.
  • Lease us tools and equipment – we’re still working out the details but we hope to have a program in place to soon lease large tools and equipment for 2% of their value each month, plus we’ll take care of maintenance and repairs. We’re interested in leasing things like a laser cutter, full-size mill, TIG welder, metal fabrication equipment, lamp / flame -work torch and accessories, etc.)
  • Tell others about us – we’re new and almost no one knows our name or what a makerspace is.

Are you a 501c(3) Tax Exempt Organization?

We filed our application early in March 2013 and we’re still waiting for approval.  Our attorneys have assured us that we will be approved. But the IRS has a huge backlog and it taking much longer than usual, although they have told us that they don’t need any additional information to evaluate our application.  At the moment it looks like we won’t be approved until sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

Where are you located and when can we visit you?

Please call 585-210-3213 before visiting us to make certain someone will be available to show you around and to make certain the parking lot gate and the outside door to our building will be open. We almost always have the space staffed on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6 PM to 9:30 PM, and Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM. If you can, we recommend visiting us on Thursday nights when we have a weekly open house.

We’re located at the rear of 850 St. Paul Street, at the corner of Scrantom Street, about three-quarters of a mile north of the Genesee Brewery. We’re easy to get to from Rt. 490. Just take the inner loop exit, then the St. Paul exit, and head north about 1.5 miles.

You’ll need to go down Scrantom Street to the rear parking lot and enter the building through the door that has our sign on it, or through the loading dock if its doors are open. We’re in the left rear corner of the building (when looking at the back of the building) and we’re not hard to find even though the landlord still hasn’t put a sign up for us.

What are your hours?

Our members get a RFID key fob that allows them to use the makerspace anytime they want from 8 AM to 10 PM daily.  In addition, we usually have some volunteers staffing the makerspace on Thursday nights from 6 PM until about 10 PM, and on Saturdays from 11 AM to about 3 PM.  We’re hoping to expand those hours soon.

How much do memberships cost?

We are currently charging $40 per month for an individual, family or student membership because we’re new and someone is generously subsidizing our rent. Our membership fees will eventually increase to $60, $75 and $50 but you can lock in our “introductory” rate by paying in advance.

Can I use the makerspace for free?

Yes, on our Thursday “Open” nights from 6 PM until about 10 PM. We invite you to bring your projects to work on or help us with ours. We also encourage you to bring things you’ve made to show others, or to just come to see the makerspace or meet other “makers.” Sorry, but for safety reasons you can’t use our woodworking shop and some of other other tools for insurance reasons.

Do you rent space for private work areas or studios?

Not yet, but we hope to physically expand soon so we can do that. Please let us know if you’d be interested in renting space at a very reasonable cost.

Can I store my stuff at the Makerspace?

Yes. Right now you store your personal tools and supplies in a large plastic storage bin or a tool box for free. Please talk to us if you need more space than that. We’ll try to accommodate you if we can. But you can not store any dangerous items or flammable substances that might require us to comply with expensive or time consuming safety regulations.

We have a limited amount of storage space and bills to pay. So someday we may have to charge a small monthly fee for storage.

Do you provide everything I might need?

No. We’re just getting started and we’re poor. Someday we’d like to be able to provide you with every tool you might need but right now we simply can’t. We also think it’s reasonable to expect you to provide some of your own small tools, especially things that are inexpensive or which don’t hold up well to shared use. For example, drill bits, lathe bits, end mills, precision measuring tools, chisels and carving knives. We also can’t afford to provide the materials or supplies for your personal project.

What tools and equipment do you have?

This is a partial list. It doesn’t include everything and we’re continually getting more equipment.

  • Solidoodle 3D printer. A second 3D printer is under construction
  • 3HP SawStop Professional Cabinet Table Saw (blade stops instantly and drops below the table if fingers touch it.
  • 14-inch Rikon Deluxe Bandsaw
  • 6-inch Jet Jointer
  • 15-inch Stationary Thickness Planner
  • 2 HP Dust collection system for our woodworking tools
  • Industrial air filtration unit for our woodworking shop
  • 8×12 metal lathe
  • “X2” Mini-Mill
  • tool grinder and sharpener
  • 1×30 belt sander
  • digital height gage
  • Vibratory polisher & media
  • 25×25-inch CNC Router (still under construction and about 70% completed)
  • Full-size Drill press
  • Glass grinders (three) and other necessary tools for doing stained glass
  • Scroll saws (two)
  • Oscilloscope (several)
  • Laboratory Power Supply (Two)
  • Many hand & small power tools
  • Sewing Machine (three)
  • Small Refrigerator
  • Microwave Oven
  • Workstation with computer, printer, scanner and Internet access

We have some additional equipment that is not at the Makerspace yet because we haven’t had the time or expertise to install them or create a place for them:

  • Mat Cutter for picture framing
  • Large 220V air compressor
  • 2-Ton Shop Crane
  • Miller Plasma Cutter
  • Miller MIG Welder
  • Wire Core Welder, Auto Darkening Helmet, Welding Gloves & Jacket
  • Jump Shear for cutting sheet metal
  • 4×6 Horizontal Bandsaw for cutting metal

We have a wishlist of tools and other things that we’d like to acquire soon. It includes a laser cutter, Bridgeport or other full-size mill, and a TIG welder.

Please contact us if you have any questions that we haven’t answered.

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