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Founder’s Club

We want to thank the following for donating $100 or more to help the Rochester Makerspace get started. They are members of our Founder’s Club, which is limited to 100 donors. Their names will be inscribed on a prominent commemorative plaque and they can take pride in being important and early supporters of this organization.

Founders of the Rochester Makerspace

Claude Adair
Robert Adamski
Brave Creative, Inc.
Kim Buerman
Vincent Burolla
Ron Callari
Bob Caluorie
Michele Caponi
Benji Carr
Christopher Carter
Chuck Dempsey
Mike Doolin
Casey Dunn
Greg Evershed
Leo Farnand
Roy Green
John Hall
Sean Hayes
Leif Hardison
Mark Indovina
Akemi Fabiana Kotoriy
Wyatt McBain
Dudley Pease
Pat Rapp
Robert Ring
David Roll
Mary Roll
Robert Roll
Philip Schmitt
Rob Storms
Steve Verzulli
Robert Walton
Jeffrey Wieme

You can still become a member of this group. Your financial support would help us to do the following:

  • Build more work benches, tables and storage shelves
  • Build a room for doing hot work such as welding, blacksmithing and glasswork.
  • Buy an LCD projector for classes, along with some other essential tools and supplies
  • Have more electrical outlets installed, including one for a kiln that has been donated
  • Have a small reserve fund for emergencies

Please let us know if we’ve overlooked you, if you would like us to add a link to a web page, or if we’ve made an error.

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