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Let’s Talk About Renting at 17 Industrial Street

The space we’re considering is currently being used as a storage and work space. You’ll find another photo below showing a empty finished space that is almost identical to the one we’re interested in.

Wyatt and I looked at a 1700 square foot space located in an old factory at 17 Industrial Street that is being completely renovated. The price is very reasonable, we like the landlord and he seems very willing to work with us. We’ve also been looking at other locations and we’re going to continue to look at more. But we think we need, as a group, to seriously consider renting this space.

If there is strong support for it we’ll move forward and see if we can come to an agreement that will allow us to move into it in October. And if there isn’t, then we’ll at least have a better idea of what we need to look for.

This would be just a temporary space. We would not have room to do all the things we would like to. We also wouldn’t have extra space to rent out to members who want a private work area or storage. But we’ll still have lots of room and tools to work with, like the 3D printer we just ordered. We’ll also have a place to have classes and other activities. And maybe most importantly, it will give us instant credibility by proving that we’re not just talking about starting a maker space in Rochester.

The building is in Rochester’s Cascade District and it’s easy to get to. It’s only a couple of minutes from RT 490 no matter what direction you’re coming from. It’s in a neighborhood filled with offices and loft apartments. There is limited off-street parking but on street parking probably won’t be a problem, especially after 4 PM weekdays and on weekends.

The entirely building is being completely renovated. Our space would be on the second floor, reachable by both stairs and an elevator. It’s wide open with a hardwood floor, brick walls and lots of large new windows. There are plenty of electrical outlets, the bathrooms are new, and heating, air conditioning and electric is included. The landlord also seems to be willing to consider providing free rubbish pickup. So our only addition expenses might be just Internet and insurance.

Our next formal meeting is going to be in early September. But many of us have often been meeting for breakfast on Saturday mornings to informally discuss things. I’d like to do that again in the next week or two to discuss this space. Meeting somewhere on a weeknight is also possible if it’s convenient for more people.

I’d also like to set up another meeting with the landlord before then so others can see it before we talk about it.

If you’re interested in seeing it or meeting about it then please leave a comment below or let us know via our contact form.

This is a finished space in the building. Ours will be very similar except we would only have a few support posts in the middle of the floor.

The outside of 17 Industrial Street

3 comments to Let’s Talk About Renting at 17 Industrial Street

  • Wyatt McBain
    August 11, 2012 at 11:03 am | Reply

    I really like this space. The landlord is certainly a maker, he is willing to work with us, and I think if we can get him interested it would be in our favor. Although we shouldn’t count on it, it’s a thought.

    The space is truly beautiful. What the Don is doing with it really gives it character.

    It’s downtown, but right off the highway. The neighborhood is decent and there is plenty of parking. It does cost more than some other places, but it includes utilities. When we figure that in, I think its going to be competitive.

    When I talked to the landlord he also said he would be willing to work with us on a lease. As far as spaces go, I think we could work with this, and I hope more people will check it out.

  • Jon Schnapp
    August 12, 2012 at 8:24 am | Reply

    I like it. What are we talking about in terms of rent?

  • Rob
    August 12, 2012 at 12:54 pm | Reply

    $1000/month which includes everything. We can also take less space if we want. The landlord will keep some of it for storage if we can’t afford all of it.

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