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Our New Laser Cutter / Engraver

Fixing Laser CutterYou may have seen the 40 watt laser cutter and engraver we acquired a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it’s not operational yet.  The laser tube doesn’t fire and we think the high voltage power supply is bad. The seller gave us our money back and told us we can keep it.  We will fix it if it can be done at a reasonable cost or order another one soon.

The laser cutter was a bit of a gamble, but one we thought was worth taking because it only cost about $500. Many others who have bought bought these inexpensive machines say they work great once you fix all the problems they usually come with because of poor quality control. It’s capable of cutting or engraving wood, acrylic plastic, fabric, leather and many other materials.  Its approximately 8 x 12 inch cutting / engraving area is smaller than more expensive machines but it’s big enough for many uses and projects.

We were able to buy it because the generosity of Leif Hardison, a strong supporter of the makerspace, who has been donating $50 per month to us for awhile. Leif wanted his donations to be used to buy on a laser cutter if possible.

We also want to thank Bob Walton, Leo Farnand and the others who have been working very hard to get the laser cutter working and to write some instructions on how to use it.

The laser cutter is potentially dangerous and it can be damaged or destroyed if it is used improperly. So you will need to get some training before you can use it.  The laser tube also wears out so we may charge a small fee to use it to help pay for its replacement and other maintenance costs.

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