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Second Annual Rochester, NY Mini Maker Faire

The Faire on Saturday (11/21/15) was a blast! Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and checked us out! Special thanks also to our dedicated volunteers who landed their support through the event from preparation to cleanup. Everyone did a phenomenal job!!

For those of you who didn’t, we had a 3D printer and wood cutter set where we our specialists created samples for our visitors, many of whom got to see plastic 3D copies of their faces!t

We also had samples from the stained glass meetup group. There was plenty of computer gaming and programming as well.
There was also a Rubiks Cube contest where our guests got to compete for a 1 month membership and a $20 gift card!

Overall, this year’s Mini Maker Faire was a success. Can’t wait till next year’s!

Official Workday Thursday (02/21)


Slowly moving stuff in! Time to organize!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to notify everyone that we will be in the space on Thursday (02/21) starting at 6:00pm for an official work meet up. We will be doing a number of things, including but not limited to:

  • Workbenches – Finishing what we’ve started in the workbenches. We have made some good progress, and we probably have enough now to start. We may build a few more, but our focus will be on finishing and placing what we have.
  • Organizing – Begin moving stuff into place, and organizing the space.
  • Floor Cleanup – Our floor needs some work. Before we put floor tape down we need to clean it. Hopefully we will have what we need to get a crew cleaning it.
  • Computing & Security – Setting up workstations, setting up camera system.
  • Discuss Fundraising – We will be working on a number of fundraising options in the next month or two. We may spend some time organizing those efforts.
  • General Cleanup & Hanging Out – Anything else that comes up or needs to be done, we will try to get to. Also will use the time to simply hang out.

Although this is a work night, please feel free to stop by, see the space, and meet us.

If you are interested in becoming a member, an active participant in our group, or want to donate to our efforts please stop by and see us or contact us

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Meeting December 18th @ 6:30pm!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that we will be having a formal meeting on December 18th @ 6:30pm at the Brighton Public Library! This meeting is long overdue, and we have a lot to discuss. Whether you are currently involved or not doesn’t matter, because everyone is invited and encouraged to come.

We will be discussing our next steps and filling volunteer positions. If you want to get involved or are looking for something to do this would be a great meeting to attend. Are opening is imminent, and there’s a lot to do!

Hope to see you there.

Brighton Memorial Library 2300 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14618

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250 Cumberland St.

A look at the space from the bay windows.

Yesterday a few of us met at 250 Cumberland Street at the Old Post Office to look at the space Sean is currently using for his motorcycle business. It was great that more people turned up and showed an interest in renting this space. Because of that I would like to thank everyone who came out.

The space is roughly 3000 sq. ft. as it sits now. If we are to move in Sean will take roughly 400 sq. ft. for his business, partition it off, and we will take the rest. if we needed to we could also build an additional loft, which means we could double the square footage without adding to the rent. The rent is more than reasonable and the space in itself has a lot of opportunities as a starter space. The floor is geared for a workshop, there is a sprinkler system in place, and the building has freight elevators.

Our main concern is the lease terms, and as of right now we don’t have a clear idea of what they will be. We foresee a need for flexibility. Other successful Makerspaces have grown exponentially once they’ve opened their doors. Therefore we would prefer to not get locked anything too long term. The landlord for the building is Dennis Maguire, who also runs the Hungerford building. As we are unable to sublet the space from Sean the lease will have to be negotiated with Maguire. It is our hope that a six-month contract would be sufficient.

A look from the front of the space, towards the bay windows.

Yesterday everyone agreed that Cumberland Street would be more than sufficient as a starter makerspace. There is off and on street parking, but I could foresee spots in the off-street lot being in short supply during the week during business hours. There is also a loading dock, and even though the space itself is on the 2nd floor, the freight elevator is rated up to 8000 lbs. It is also pretty easy to get to. Rochester’s Inner Loop takes you right there.

Right now we are still hunting for a space. Spencer, and maybe myself, are planning on going to look at the 1,700 sq. ft. space in the Fedder Industrial Building on 1327 East Main Street. As discussed in the previous blog post the rent is cheap and the terms are month-to-month. However, some members have already spoken against renting the space, but I think it would be good form to keep an open-mind.

So let’s keep our eyes and ears open. If you know of a space that may work for us, please speak out about it. The same is true for any input, comments, or concerns on Cumberland Street or the Fedder Building. More involvement spurs more calculated decision making.

Our next informal meeting is this Thursday at the South Wedge Diner, located at 880 South Clinton Avenue We will be meeting at 6:30 for grub and conversation. Hope to see you there.

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