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We’re a 501c(3) nonprofit volunteer-run organization that is still getting established.  We would really appreciate it if you would make a monetary donation of any amount or donate something from our wishlist.

If you are one of the first 100 donors who give $100 or more you’ll become members of our “Founder’s Club.” You’ll be able to brag that you’re one of our founders and you’ll get your name, or business name, on a commemorative plaque that will be permanently displayed in the Rochester Makerspace.

We could also use:

  • Pottery kiln
  • Stained glass pieces and equipment
  • A long arm sewing machine for quilting
  • Projects and educational items for kids of all ages – Legos, model kits, electronics labs, science kits, polymer clay, craft supplies, beads, jewelry making supplies, etc.
  • LCD projector for our classroom or a 32-inch or larger LCD/LED TV
  • Widescreen LCD/LED monitors for our computer lab (sorry, no CRTs)
  • Torches and other tools for doing lampwork or jewelry making
  • Dry Mount Press
  • Etching Press
  • Flammable Materials Storage Cabinet
  • CNC router or small mill

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Donations are taken through Paypal. Thank you for your contribution! Any bit counts!

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