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We’re a nonprofit volunteer-run organization that is new and getting established.  So please consider volunteering an hour or two of your time each week, donating any amount of money, or some of the items listed further below.

The first 100 donors who give $100 or more will become members of our “Founder’s Club.” You’ll be able to brag that you’re one of our founders and you’ll get your name, or business name, on a commemorative plaque that will be permanently displayed in the Rochester Makerspace.  Even more importantly, you’ll help us survive and be successful.

We also really need more volunteers, especially now during our start-up phase.  We have many volunteers who have been giving huge amounts of time to the makerspace, some of many of them 40 hours per weekThat’s not sustainable, plus we know we’ll have fewer volunteers during the summer when many will want to enjoy outdoor activities instead of indoor ones.

So if you’re interested in volunteering please fill out this survey to let us know what you’re interested in, what your skills are, and your availability. This will help us find tasks, positions, and times that work best for you. We respond to these submissions once a week. Also please sign up for our volunteer mailing list to stay updated or contact us if you have any other questions. Thank you for your interest!

Volunteer Opportunities

Assistant Treasurer(s) – we’re looking for someone to assist our treasurer and be ready to takeover if he decides to step down someday.  This is a very important officer position that requires more time and a stronger commitment than most of our other volunteer opportunities.  But, it’s also a very important job, it’s an opportunity to make a huge difference, and it’s a way to strongly influence the direction the Rochester Makerspace takes.  You’ll also acquire marketable skills and experience, including knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to nonprofits and 501c(3) organizations.

Director of Appreciation – we have many volunteers and supporters who donated time, money or equipment to help us get started.  They deserve lots of thanks and we’d like to find someone who will help us do that.

Problem Solvers – the Rochester Makerspace wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for some who have always been willing to tackle any problem that needed to be solved or task that had to be done, even they sometimes didn’t want to or they lacked the necessary knowledge or experience.  We need more volunteers like them.

Safety Personnel -  to create safety handouts and quizzes for each tool that needs them, and to teach safety / orientation classes.

Licensed electrician(s) – we need more 120 / 240-volt electrical outlets and we can’t afford to hire someone.

Grant Writers – we have strong community support and we’ve been invited by some organizations to apply for grants, but we haven’t had time to yet.

Writers who can:

Produce a regular monthly status update for our email list subscribers and news page. We need to do a much better job telling everyone about what’s going on, classes and events.

Write and post ads and information on Craigslist, Reddit  and other online services.

Write a fundraising  letter we can send to business owners and leaders.

Photographers - to take promotional photos of the Makerspace, our tools and our members that we can use on our website and in brochures, flyers, presentations and ads.  We also need someone with experience to help us setup a small photo studio and light tent for table top photography.

Marketing / Advertising / Promotional Experts – we’re new and almost no one has heard of us yet or knows what a makerspace is.  We need some help changing that.

Woodworkers – to build workbenches, bookcases, shelves and other things for the makerspace.  We also need experienced woodworkers to teach classes or mentor beginners.

Machinists – To help organize our machine shop, teach, and occasionally make replacement parts or other things we need.

Tool Maintenance Volunteers – to keep our equipment working properly

Someone who can create a promotional display that we can bring to public events to promote and advertise the Rochester Makerspace.

Organizers – we need people with strong organizational skills that help us physically organize and label the tools and supplies we have.  We could also use some help with organizing our record keeping.

Teachers – we are looking for both volunteer and paid instructors to teach almost any kind of class. For example:

Art – all kinds
CAD / 3D Modeling
Fiber Arts – sewing, knitting, quilting, weaving
Ham Radio
Mat cutting / picture framing
Microcrontrollers – Arduino,  Raspberry Pi, etc.
Model Building – all kinds

Someone with a truck or utility trailer – we sometimes need help getting building supplies or picking up large or heavy equipment that has been donated to us.

Tools, Equipment & Furniture

We could really use:

Computers and Laptops – we need some computers with enough power to run 3D / solid modeling software.

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Furniture – We need furniture that will hold up well to heavy duty use AND create a professional business-like impression on visitors and donors.  It’s hard to get rid of furniture that we don’t need or want, so please contact us before bringing any to the makerspace.  We are looking for office chairs, lab benches, folding tables, sofas, and easy chairs
  • LCD projector for our classroom or a 30-inch or bigger LCD TV
  • LCD monitors for our computer lab (sorry, no CRTs)
  • A long arm sewing machine for quilting
  • Projects for kids of all ages  – Legos, model kits, electronics labs, science kits, polymer clay, craft supplies, beads and jewelry making supplies, etc
  • Shelving – Heavy-duty “Gorilla” or Industrial quality –  48 or 36-inches wide and 18 or 24 inches deep and  in good condition
  • Lockers

We also need:

Clamps for woodworking – bar, corner, pipe, strap, C, etc.

Dry Mount Press

Etching Press

Extensions cords – Heavy duty 3-conductor

Finger Brake – for bending sheet metal

Flammable Materials Storage Cabinet

Paper Cutter

Laser Cutter – We know it’s asking a lot for someone to donate a laser cutter but we’ve told by other successful makerspaces that a laser cutter will attract more members than any other tool.

Machine shop tools and equipment


Woodworking Tools  – chisels, drill bits sets (all kinds), corded or cordless drills, full-size and bench top stationary sanders, palm sanders, planes, etc.

Wood Turning Gouges & Other Accessories – For a wood lathe that has been donated

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